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Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada Refund Policy

Dear friend,

Thanks for giving Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada a fair try. Before you request a refund, please make sure you understand the following:

Refunds are only valid if you paid the FULL price of the manual. If you paid a promotional price (discount) a refund will no longer apply. 

If you want to receive a refund, please send us the following information to our payments office (Fax: (long distance code) + 52 55 5645 54 76 

1) A refund request with your full name and contact details  

2) Your Paypal receipt (attached)

As soon as we receive this information by fax, we will process the refund to your credit card. 

Important: Your request can ONLY be sent to us by FAX to our payments office. 


Refunds Processing Times:

Once we receve your refund request, we will process your refund. This process will take between 24 to 48 hrs. 


Another Alternative:


If you decide to keep the manual, instead of asking for a refund, I will hold for you one of the 10 $997 all-inclusive packages we offer every month. We would process your COMPLETE application (it will be done by our APPROVED Canadian immigration consultants)  (I want you to be 100% satisfied!)

If you are interested, send us an email (with your Paypal Receipt Number) to  to reserve one of the 10 packages. Please note however, that if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity, the refund policy would no longer apply.  

Again, thanks for giving my manual a fair try!


Alex Berezovsky


Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada


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