Frequently Asked Questions   

 Questions about applying for the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa


Is it normal to be interested in applying for the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa on my own?
The answer is: Most Canadian immigration consultans make thousands and thousands of dollars because potential immigrants donīt know how to get started with the application process...   So the answer to this question is YES! You donīt have to pay up to $4,000 USD to submit your application! You can apply on-you-own just by following my proven strategies...


If I donīt have enough work experience, academic background, or my age is not the "ideal" can I still apply?

Don’t worry about that. Most of my clients do NOT have the "ideal" profile to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. And they STILL have been able to apply, just by following my advice... Inside the book, you will learn how to boost your chances of success even if you donīt reach 100% of the "points" in each category!


If I already understand the application process, will this book help me? 
I can understand your concern… However, you will be surprised with the IMPORTANCE of understanding the "arrival and settlement" process... Besides learning how to apply for the Canadian visa, you will also receive detailed information explaining CRUCIAL facts you will need to know to arrive and settle in Canada. You will receive powerful tools that will not only help you land the job of your dreams in Canada, but also learn about the best cities where you can live when you arrive! So, the answer is YES, you will be surprised with the mind-blowing tools you will receive today... 

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One last warning:

The information contained in Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada can have a profound effect on your short-term goals! After reading this book, there is no further space for cold feet. I'm warning you. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR REAL! Order this book only if you really want to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa in less than 24 hrs!

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