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Questions To Alex Berezovsky


Alex, can you help me find a job in Canada?

I receive this questions hundreds of times... For this reason, I decided to find a solution. Since it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to help all of you find the right job, I decided to give you the right tools to do it. When you download Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada, I will send you a FREE guide called "How to Find a Job In Canada". In this guide, you will find detailed instructions explaining how to land the job of your dreams, and you will even receive the CONTACT DETAILS of dozens of the best headhunters and job recruiting companies in Canada! I am talking about THE BEST companies you definitely must contact...


Alex, I need your advice on...

Part of my website's promise is that I will help you in whichever  way I can so you'll move to Canada as a Permanent Resident a few months from now. However please understand that I will abstain from answering requests for personal advice if you have not purchased my manual first. As a customer you have 100% of my attention and dedication. However if you don't have a copy of my manual yet,  don't expect me to write a long email explaining the same strategies and information I explain inside my manual for FREE.


Alex, can I send you my C.V. (resume) so that you can evaluate my situation?

I've heard this question 10,947 times (and counting) since I started this website!

For this reason, I decided to include a self-assessment tool inside Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada. You won´t need my personal advice anymore, because you will know TODAY if you can apply for the Canadian visa, and how to do it in less than 24 hrs...


Can I talk to you on the phone?

Yes you can! However, before I provide you with my contact details, I need to know what's the reason of your interest in talking to me. If it is for a business venture or proposition I will happily take your call, however I will not take private calls.  Please understand that I receive hundreds of calls every day...

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One last warning:

The information contained in Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada can have a profound effect on your short-term goals! After reading this book, there is no further space for cold feet. I'm warning you. YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR REAL! Order this book only if you really want to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa in less than 24 hrs!

Discover The SECRETS To Apply For The Canadian Permanent Residence Visa In Less Than 24 Hrs Inside  Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada NOW!