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"Here's All You Need to Know to
Apply On-Your-Own For The
Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, Without Paying Up To $3,798 To An Immigration Consultant!"


If You're Actively Looking for Ways to Leave Your Country of Residence and Want to Live and Work in Canada, This Will Be the Most Important Message You'll Ever Read!


Listen to Alex Berezovsky >>>

Canadian Immigration Specialist



Dear Future Canadian Resident:


Allow me to share some critical information with you that'll boost your chances of obtaining your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

Read this letter and you'll save time, energy and most important; a lot of MONEY in the process!



"Immigration in Canada stimulates the country's growth, prosperity and cultural diversity. 

Canada benefits from the talents, experience and energy of immigrants, whether they are skilled workers, business people, foreign students, temporary workers or others." 



The Canadian Government's new immigration plan is to emphasize the admission of a greater number of skilled immigrants with abilities to contribute directly to Canada's economic and social development.


Here's why NOW is the best time to apply for your Canadian Permanent Resident Permit:


As of February 18, 2005, if you're approved as a permanent resident, your spouse or common law partner can live and work with you in Canada while their immigration application is being considered! Previously, significant others had to wait for approval before moving to Canada.


As of September 2003, the minimum passing score to be approved as a Permanent Resident would be lowered from 75 to 67. While that drop may not seem significant – those 8 points make a BIG difference. (In this letter you'll learn everything you need to know about the Pass-Mark System)


Starting September 2006 you will only have to send a Simplified Application Form to the Visa Office; without sending all your supporting documents. You will have more time to gather and prepare your documents the right way! 


If you become a permanent resident NOW, you can apply for Canadian citizenship once you've lived there for 3 years, without giving up your current citizenship!



Because A New Government ( Immigration Canada ) 

Has Been Recently Sworn In...
These Immigration Rules, Regulations, Policies
and Procedures Can Change at Any Time!



That's why, if you're serious about becoming a Canadian citizen it's in your best interest to act now! 



Don't Miss Your Chance To
Build A Future You Could Be Proud Of!


What if you could effortlessly get the legal documentation to move to a land of opportunity, where you can build a safe and secure future for yourself, your family and your future generations?

See yourself a few months from now being a permanent resident in Canada; a country of spectacular natural beauty, outstanding medical care available to all its citizens and a safe place to raise your family.

Wouldn't you just love to live in a dynamic country that's the choice for many of the world's immigrants because of its stability, prosperity and respect for diversity? 

Please answer accordingly:




Are you considering immigrating to Canada but don't know how to get the process started?




Do you want to be properly informed of your chances of success before you decide to submit your application to become a Permanent Resident in Canada?




Do you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars to immigration consultants or lawyers?




Would you like step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand information that guarantees you success with filling out your application?



If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you'll be very excited with what I'm about to share with you ...




How To Cut Through the Immigration Maze
& Obtain Your Permanent Resident Visa
Without Touching Your Life Savings...


Moving to Canada is a decision that will be a turning point in your life. It will change the future for you and your family dramatically for the better!

The immigration application process into Canada is relatively straight forward IF you understand the regulations, policies and procedures.

However, because most of us know very little about the legal 'mumble jumble' we prefer to look for so called "experts", and put our future in their hands!

These "experts" are aware that you're clueless about the immigration process. This puts you in a very vulnerable position, can be VERY expensive and worst of all: does not guarantee your success!





Let me ask you a question:

Why do you need to pay up to U.S. $4000.00 to an immigration "expert" to "help you" prepare and file your Permanent Residence application into the only country in the world that accepts up to 250.000 immigrants per year?


This is as crazy as buying a 
Golden Key for a door with no lock!


FACT: Canada’s fertility rate sits at 1.61 children per female, which is well below the replacement rate, since Canada’s population is ageing rapidly (median age is 37.8 years and rising). Much of Canada’s population growth is due to immigration and this is expected to continue throughout the 21st century. In fact, Canada has planned to compensate their falling birth rate EXCLUSIVELY through immigration!



If you'd be applying for a Permanent Residence in Switzerland, I'd understand! Perhaps even U.S.$4000.00 would be a bargain!

But Canada is a complete different ball game...

The Canadian Government is determined to attract skilled immigrants from all over the world and it's in their best interest to have access to the best immigration candidates they can attract!

If you find out EXACTLY what the Canadian Immigration Authorities are looking for and you match your skills and experience to their requirements, your chances of success to get your Canadian Permanent Resident visa will increase dramatically!


"I can't find the right words to thank you for your priceless advice. Going through the immigration process being aware of what I was doing gave me tremendous certainty and confidence! Without your help, my application process would have been a nerve-wrecking experience."
Gabriela Q. Sepúlveda
Originally from Mexico City



Remember: Immigration Firms and Consultants Operate in a Very Competitive Market and Capitalize on Your Lack of Knowledge About the Canadian Immigration Process...

You have to remember that Immigration is a BIG INDUSTRY in Canada and every day "mercenary" consultants exploit people like you who eagerly want to immigrate to Canada but are unaware of the legal procedures!Don't let this happen to you! 


Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not against these people. In fact, if YOU- KNOW-HOW TO use them they can be very useful during the application process... 


But a good rule of thumb is NOT to hire an immigration consultant or lawyer without having some understanding of how the immigration process works! Car mechanics will NEVER overcharge people who understand about cars, computer technicians will NEVER overcharge people who understand about computers. Immigration consultants will NEVER overcharge people who understand the immigration process!!!


Is It Really Possible To Get Your Application Approved Using The "Do-It-Yourself" Method?

Of course it is!

If you ask most Canadian immigration officers they'll tell you that lawyers and immigration consultants ADD NO VALUE to the immigration process! 


Canadian Embassies and Consulates around the globe deal with numerous complaints every month from people who've spent thousands of dollars with companies who've "handled their case" only to find that it DOES NOT increase there chances or speed up the procedure of getting their Permanent Resident status (PR status).

The truth is that the immigration department couldn't care less when people submit their forms and say: "My case is being handled by a lawyer or consultant".


Immigration Canada makes no preferences!!!


With the know-how you'll gain from this website, you can be as successful ON YOUR OWN processing your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Application as using the services of an expensive immigration lawyer or consultant!

OR if you do decide to hire an immigration consultant, you'll know 
E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how to get the best out of their expertise!


How Does It Work?


Before I tell you how it works, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Alexandre Berezovsky. As you can possibly tell from my last name, I'm from Eastern European origin.

My family emigrated years ago to North America in search of a prosperous future. Throughout the years many of our friends and relatives have followed the same path and I've been there to help them with the immigration process!

I've witnessed up-close many immigration cases and I'm very familiar not only with the application process but with the entire immigration experience! 

After years of hands-on experience and research, I'm now an Immigration Specialist with a mission: To de-mystify the Canadian Immigration Process and make it very easy for anyone to understand.


"You've created the "IKEA™" approach to obtaining your Canadian Permanent Residence Status:

Step #1 Invest literally "peanuts" in your success formula!
Step #2 Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions 
Step #3 Assemble your documentation correctly 
Step #4 Submit your application and obtain your PR status! 

Thanks for sharing your accurate insights!"

Richard and Rina Johnson
Kennebunkport, ME USA



Thousands Now Obtain INDEPENDENTLY
Their Canadian Permanent Resident Visa
Who Never Thought They could...


I'm sure you'd like to get the RIGHT answers to ALL your immigration questions without having to spend endless hours doing research or WORSE: spending hundreds of dollars on "consultation fees". That's why I've compiled a step-by-step, easy-to-use resource that's now available to you...

Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada is a practical "road map" to independent immigration success! (I'll tell you how to get your hands on this unique guide in a moment!) 

Following the formula inside Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada, you'll be able to systematically prepare, complete, and submit your application to a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live! 



Here’s a Small Sample of the Important Insights
and the Effective Know-How You'll Find
Inside Step by Step Immigration to Canada:



The best way to find out TODAY if you have any chances of succeeding in the visa application!


The EXACT 3 steps you can easily do yourself to submit your visa application. This proven formula will save you up to $750.00 on the needless "preparation fees" consultants would charge you...


2 Different methods you can use to apply for the Canadian visa, and WHY you'll be more successful using method 2! (Nobody else will tell you this!)


Find out about 1 crucial document you MUST attach at the beginning of your visa application to instantly sell your case and impress the immigration officer!


Know which documents need to be notarized and which don't. This will save you a considerable amount of time and money!


Find out about a NO-RISK, fully refundable fee you can pay to the Canadian Government to start your application process TODAY!


The alternative method to prove your language skills to the Canadian Embassy that can be more effective and less time consuming than language tests.


How to k now in advance how long it will take for your visa application to be processed and approved. This way you'll minimize being in "suspense" and you'll be on-top of  your visa application process! (You won't be "left in the dark" as many consultants would prefer you to be) .


Find out the precise financial information Canadian Immigration Officers will request from you and discover the absolute best way to present it to them!


Little known facts about the Canadian National Occupational Classification you can use to prove your work experience.


  Find out how to match your personal educational achievements into the Canadian educational terms ( type "0", skill level "A" or "B") to improve your results with Canadian National Occupational Classification. (Many people get this point wrong unnecessarily, but not you!)


An important document you MUST include if you've lived in a foreign
country longer than 6 months. (Get hold of this document EARLY in the application process and you'll instantly improve the perception the immigration officer will have of yo

The up-to-date directory of local authorities where you can obtain the police certificate of good conduct which you need to attach to your application. (This single "gem" of wisdom will spare you a BIG headache dealing with the local authorities red-tape).

Discover how to use the so called “four digit code” to your advantage when filling out your application.

6 Different categories you MUST use to divide your visa application documents to increase your chances of success by 257%.


The (often overlooked) final step before submitting your visa application and WHY it's so important to do this step the right way!

A complete set of forms so you can practice filling them out! (explained step by step in rigorous detail)


What relevant fact about your passport needs be filled out correctly on question 18 of the IM0008 application form. (This is a typical cause for delays if incorrect).  


How to correctly match your work experience to what the immigration officers need to see in question 11 schedule 3 of the IMM0008 Canadian Jobs section.


As if this weren't enough...


Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada also includes:


A form fill out instructions, eligibility requirements, and up-to-date procedures with extensive guide-notes and check-lists 


Vital mailing addresses, phone numbers and web sites that'll save you time and energy during your application process


A fool-proof method to prepare your application documents to avoid delays


Successful sample letters that you can literally "copy-paste" to your application to boost your chances of success as an independent applicant



*Updated with September 2006 Immigration Changes! 

Step by Step Immigration to Canada is the only user friendly all-in-all immigration solution. It's easy to read and explains you precisely how to prepare and be successful filing your Canadian immigration application on your own!




"Dear Alexandre, I've just completed my application following your advice and I feel totally confident that it will be approved! As soon as I get my Permanent Residence status I'll let you know. Keep up the great work!"

Anil Singh
Doha, Qatar

"Your guide saved me exactly US $3745.00! I know, because that's what my cousin paid his attorney 3 months ago to obtain the same "know-how" you reveal in your manual."


Manosh Sharma

Chennai, India


 "I've been saving for a while to afford the immigration process. Thanks to your manual I've discovered you don't really need to pay anything, except for Canadian immigration fees, to successfully apply for your Canadian PR Visa. Your advice is pure genius!


Balita Lauzon

Cebu, The Phillipines


"I was in the process of hiring an immigration consultant when I came across your guide. After I went through your material I felt

confident I could do the process by myself. I still decided to use the consultant's services for a few things, but this time I used him, instead of him using me! Thanks for your great advice"


-Vesna Kauzlarich

-Split, Croatia  



By When Do You Want To Live In Canada?


Since you're still reading, I'm going to assume you're really serious about moving to this fantastic country!

Let me tell you what lies ahead then...

I won't lie to you; the immigration process is accompanied in most cases by mixed feelings... excitement, frustration, uncertainty and very likely; confusion! 

The less you know about the application process the more you'll depend on someone else and the more the negative feelings will creep inside of you until they wear you out...

The truth is; you're about to take a giant leap into your future and you need to be prepared!



"He has made complex immigration procedures look simple and easy to follow..."

"I have had the pleasure of reading Alex Berez’s well written, highly informative “how- to- do- it- myself” manual” on immigrating to Canada entitled Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada, and I am extremely impressed. In particular, it is written in easy to understand English and set out in well structured chapters. He has made complex immigration procedures look simple and easy to follow. 

As an Australian attorney dealing with immigration law on an every day basis and the publisher of several national legal information websites, all I can say is that if Alex turned his mind to publishing an Australian edition calling it “Step-by-Step Immigration to Australia , it would be a runaway hit down under here for sure!!! "

Michael Twemlow - Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of NSW , WA and Northern Territory - Notary Public, NSW , WA .



You've Got An Important Decision To Make:

No matter what immigration road you take, the final decision on every application always remains with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. (CIC) 

Right know what you need is not information. (There're literally millions of websites providing the same information). At this moment, what you need is WISDOM, an effective way to separate the chaff from the wheat...

Again, being successful on the application process is not about just getting the forms filled out, it's about knowing what Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) want to see on those forms.

It's not about what documents to gather, it's about how to present them in the best possible way...

It's not about what you need to do, it's about how to do it in the most effective way to get approved! Ultimately that's what you want right?




Create a Better Future for Yourself Now!
The excuse that you can't afford it is no longer valid...


Would you pay hundred bucks to save yourself a thousand?


Sure you would... nobody wants to overpay for anything, right?


Realistically, immigration assistance will cost you anywhere between $1,000.00 to $4,000.00 and still, there's no guarantees that your application will be approved...


Wouldn't it make more sense to invest a fraction of that money in a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of the immigration process and use the money you saved for your future moving expenses?


I've seen other guides available on the internet that cover just a fraction of what's covered in Step by Step Immigration to Canada selling for over $300.00!


Most of them are written by immigration consultants, with the idea of using their guide as "bait" so you'll hire their services later...


Because Step by Step Immigration to Canada offers effective answers on a "no-strings-attached" basis, I'm aware I could offer it for $300.00 and intelligent future immigrants like you would still find the price fair.


However, as I mentioned before, my professional goal is to make this information affordable to anyone who's serious about immigrating to Canada!


That's why until now, I've been selling this guide on my own for only $47.00, however a well known international publisher just bought the rights to my manual and soon it will be retailing anywhere between $75.00 to $100.00! But until then I'm still allowed to offer it to you for just $47.00!


But this is not going to last for long, that's why I recommend that you get your hands on Step by Step Immigration to Canada today!



To Further Help You With the

'Do It Yourself' Application,

You'll Receive 5 FREE Top-Notch Bonuses!


I know you'll really appreciate these exclusive (read: hard to find) bonuses because they've got super useful information for you:



Bonus #1:

"How to Find a Job in Canada"

This short but super sharp report, offers outstanding sources to quickly land a job in Canada.

  • Headhunters and recruiting companies in Canada

  • Information for government jobs in all the provinces   

  • 20 Private companies constantly searching for "talent"

  • 93 Sources for additional Canadian job-search assistance

  • Info about resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations


  • Given your education and experience, how can you

  • get a job in your occupation and contribute to Canadian economy and society!

This report is exclusive and not released elsewhere and you'd want to get your hands on it NOW!


Bonus #2:

How to "Sell Yourself" in the
Canadian Job Market

  • How to prepare your resume according to Canadian National Occupational List standard

  • What skills are in greatest shortage in Canada

  • How to prepare yourself to enter the Canadian job market

  • 6 Steps to create a results-generating resume 

  • How to enhance your employment history 

  • 4 Steps to crafting an attention-getting cover letter 

  • 11 Additional tips that will help your resume and cover letter make a positive first impression on potential employers in Canada!


Bonus #3:

The "Canadian Immigration Guide"
(Prepared by the CIC)

Discover their side of the story. This is a critical compliment to my guide and yet another important piece of the immigration puzzle!

Find out about:

  • What you need to qualify as a Canadian Permanent Resident

  • The funds you required to settle in Canada

  • A Self-Assessment worksheet

  • The ins and outs about working in Canada

  • Fees required (Consultants will hate to show this to you)

  • Canadian Medical and Security Requirements

  • How to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

  • How to complete the forms

  • An explanation about the application process

  • Find out what happens after you apply


Bonus #4:

Access To The Canadian Immigration Forum

You'll have FREE instant access to The Canadian Immigration Forum, where people just like you will be glad to answer your questions related to Canadian Immigration based on their personal experience

Discover one of the best kept secret source for Canadian Immigration information and networking opportunities!

After you order, you'll receive your unique username and password for unlimited access to the forum!


Bonus #5:

Directory to the Best Places to Live in Canada

This invaluable research tool (arranged by province) will assist you deciding where'll be the best place for you to settle in Canada.

Here's just a sample of the valuable information you'll have at your finger tips when you get your hands on this guide!

  • Geographic and demographic information of every province

  • Links to dozens of the most important cities in Canada

  • Economic background for all of Canada

"I don't even want to imagine the stress I would've gone through doing the application process without your guide! Needless to say; being prepared was half the victory! 
Hat's-off for your thorough advice!" 
Gerda Nooitgedaght
Gauteng, South Africa


Here's Your "Insurance Policy", a.k.a Guarantee!

When you get your hands on Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada you'll instantly be saving a bundle of hard earned cash by obtaining all the answers you need to know to process your PR visa on your own.

And because I'm so convinced that you'll be able to instantly benefit from my immigration expertise, I'm happy to offer you a 60 day no-questions-asked, money back guarantee:

You have 60 days to try Step by Step Immigration to Canada totally RISK FREE.

If you're in any way unable to benefit from the exclusive content in this guide, simply e-mail me, and I'll cheerfully give you a full refund. So go ahead, and get Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada TODAY without risking a dime!

The truth is... 

There's no immigration lawyer OR consultant that I know that'll tell you: "If you're unhappy with our services you'll get your money back!"

I'm sure you'll agree; this deal is as fair and RISK FREE as it could possibly be!

But having that said, I'll make it even better than risk free:

In the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of my ironclad money-back guarantee: the bonuses are yours to keep!

This means you'll win no-matter what you decide!
Click here to download Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada

* Updated with September 2006 Immigration Changes! *

This 100+ page guide is available only as a downloadable e-book (electronic book).

Because you download it to your computer, you can be reading it 15 minutes after you order through my totally secure server. 
It's available now at only US$47.00!

(Simply check your email for the download information after you've ordered).

YES, I want to get started with my visa application today!

Ordering online is 100% Safe & Secure


You may order using:
Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, Amex and Discover


Click here to order right now through my Secure Server.

Remember: If you're not thrilled with my strategies, just let me know within 3 months, and you pay absolutely nothing, no questions asked!

If for any reason you cannot use any of the above methods of payment, email us at: for an alternative e-Check option.

Just One Last Point To Keep In Mind:

There is much preparation to be done prior to submitting your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and if one or more steps of this process are incorrectly done, your application will be denied and your application package returned to you...

If your application package is returned you'll lose your non-refundable application processing fee, all the time and effort you have put into your application, and your vision of coming to Canada will be denied.

When there's so much at stake is not worth taking unnecessary chances when you can increase your odds drastically with a small investment!


Wishing you the very best of luck during
your application process,

Immigration Specialist
Author of Step by Step Immigration to Canada

P.S. -- Because of the deal with my publishers, the conditions offered in this website can change any time. You'll hate yourself if you come back and see the price has gone up...

P.P.S. -- Question: If you pass on this offer, would you be able to successfully process your visa application on your own? Probably not !
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