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By Alexandre Berezovsky 

Canadian Immigration Specialist



Dear Future Canadian Resident:


Allow me to share some critical information with you that'll boost your chances of obtaining your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

Read this letter and you'll save time, energy and most important; a lot of MONEY in the process. Immigration to Canada had never been SO simple! 




"Immigration to Canada stimulates the country's growth, prosperity and cultural diversity. 

Canada benefits from the talents, experience and energy of immigrants, whether they are skilled workers, business people, foreign students, temporary workers or others."



The Canadian Government's new immigration plan is to emphasize the admission of a greater number of skilled immigrants with abilities to contribute directly to Canada's economic and social development.


Here's why NOW is the best time to apply for your Canadian Permanent Resident Permit:


  • As of February 18, 2005, if you're approved as a permanent resident, your spouse or common law partner can live and work with you in Canada while their immigration application is being considered! Previously, significant others had to wait for approval before moving to Canada.

  • As of September 2003, the minimum passing score to be approved as a Permanent Resident would be lowered from 75 to 67. While that drop may not seem significant those 8 points make a BIG difference. (In this letter you'll learn everything you need to know about the Pass-Mark System)

  • If you become a permanent resident NOW, you can apply for Canadian citizenship once you've lived there for 3 years, without giving up your current citizenship!



Because A New Government Has Been Recently Sworn In...
These Immigration Rules, Regulations, Policies
and Procedures Can Change at Any Time!



That's why, if you're serious about becoming a Canadian citizen it's in your best interest to act now! 



Don't Miss Your Chance To
Build A Future You Could Be Proud Of!


What if you could effortlessly get the legal documentation to move to a land of opportunity, where you can build a safe and secure future for yourself, your family and your future generations?

See yourself a few months from now being a permanent resident in Canada; a country of spectacular natural beauty, outstanding medical care available to all its citizens and a safe place to raise your family.

Wouldn't you just love to live in a dynamic country that's the choice for many of the world's immigrants because of its stability, prosperity and respect for diversity? 

Please answer accordingly:




Are you considering immigrating to Canada but don't know how to get the process started?




Do you want to be properly informed of your chances of success before you decide to submit your application to become a Permanent Resident in Canada?




Do you want to avoid paying thousands of dollars to an immigration lawyer or consultant?




Would you like step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand information that guarantees you success with filling out your application?



If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you'll be very excited with what I'm about to share with you inside...


Inside You'll Have Access To: 

How to  apply for your Canadian Permanent Resident Visa ON YOUR OWN - without a Canadian immigration lawyer,  save a lot of money and be successful 97.3% of the time!

How you can obtain the best score on the 'Pass-Mark' system!

You'll also get a FREE report on how to get started with the Canadian visa application process!

And much, much, more! 



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