"3 Steps from Canada "



1. Meet the Pass Mark
      In this section, I will explain the requirements you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence visa under the Skilled Worker Immigration scheme. These requirements are called the Pass – Mark. Based on your characteristics, such as age, education, work experience and others, you will reach certain points. If you reach the Pass – Mark (a certain number of points) you would be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence Visa under this scheme.

2. Submit your Application
      Since September 1st 2006, you must submit a Simplified Application Form before sending your documents to the Visa Office. If you have met the Pass – Mark, you will be able to submit your application! Sometimes you will be required to go to an interview before your visa is approved. The interview is also a very important part of the process, since you will be able to give a great impression to the visa officer. After submitting your application, your file is received by the Visa Office. Once the Visa Officer responsible for your file is ready to analyze your case, you will be asked for the supporting documents.

3. Gather Your Supporting Documents
      This section is very important! If you have enough points to meet the Pass – Mark, and you have sent your application, you would now be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence under the Skilled Migration scheme! Now you would only have to gather the necessary documents to prove that you have enough points based on your education, work experience, age and other characteristics. This is the more complex part of the application process, since it take time to gather several documents that you have not seen for a while! During this step, many potential immigrants decide to give up and forget about their dream! However, this step makes the whole difference between the immigrants and the people who have great dreams but do not have the courage to achieve them. It is not a difficult step, but it is time consuming. You will have to be patient and very organized during this second step in order to submit a successful application.



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