"Why Canada? "



One of the main reasons to choose Canada as your country of residence is its quality of life.

      Canada has been rated several years by the United Nations as the #1 place to live in the World, based upon various factors such as standard of living, environment, and other factors. This survey (published in the United Nations´ Human Development Report) measures several factors on life in the country; however income levels are not used as a main source of measurement.

      For almost a decade (1992 – 2001), Canada was “the best country in the world to live in”. Canada had moved back to the 8th position recently, however Canada has recently moved up to 4th position in the United Nations’ human development survey, and it is now above the United States (only below Norway, Sweden and Australia).

      According to the United Nations survey (2004), life expectancy in Canada in 2002 was 79.3 years, compared to 78.9 in Norway, 80 in Sweden, and 79.1 in Australia. Other countries considered to have“low human development”, have a life expectancy of 48.5 years (Mali)
and 46 years (Niger). Canada is one of the countries with the highest
life expectancy in the world.

      In relation to economic indicators, Canada is also considered one of the best countries in the world. For instance, the GDP per capita in Canada in 2002 was US$ 29,480, compared to US$ 26,050 in Sweden and US$28,260 in Australia. Countries which are considered to have
“low human development” had a GDP per capita of US$1,020 (Kenya) and US$1,390 (Uganda).

      Life expectancy in Canada is the world’s highest at 79 years. Canada
has moved ahead of the United States in overall rankings and it is
getting again closer to the number one spot.


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